Team Photo Galleries Introduction

The photo galleries included herein can be viewed on any size screen as the photographs are displayed one image at a time for 5 seconds in filmstrip style. Note there is a “full-screen” viewing option that looks fantastic on larger display screens. All photographs can be copied for free by “right clicking” on them with a PC mouse, and then selecting the copy option from the “right click” menu. (The method for copying photos on personal media devices will vary depending on Operating System and possibly also device manufacturer and service provider.1)

Most of the photo gallery pages contain multiple galleries. By default, the first gallery has been set to play, and the other galleries are set to pause. It is a good practice to set all galleries to pause other than the one being viewed.

Many of the photographs included herein have been donated by Michele Swan and Fritz Stafford. These photographs are quarter resolution versions of the originals, and include un-obtrusive watermarks with email address where full resolution originals can be obtained for a fee, or visit Fitness and Grace CX Photos.

Note these free quarter resolution images are still much better quality than we would be able to provide via Social Media Apps.

1 For the case of my Droid Turbo from Verizon, I double tap on the gallery image I want to copy to bring-up the photo on it’s “attachment page”, then I tap and hold on the image to bring-up the image options menu and select “Download Image”.


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