2013 Boise Twilight Criterium Cat4-5 Devo Team

Every year the Twilight Criterium in downtown Boise draws racers from all over the West! This years Twilight Race was no exception! The course offered lots of room for spectators, that can number in the thousands, to see up-close the sport of cycling. You can hear the gears shift, feel the breeze that a large group of fast riders creates, see the speed in the corners and most importantly, every spectator can experience how much effort it takes to be successful in an event like this.

Downtown Boise as a Venue allows spectators who came to watch the event, the chance to walk around the city, grab a drink or eat and still experience the cycling. Some spectators enjoyed dinner and were still afforded a good view of the racing at the same time. From Chandlers Steakhouse you can enjoy fine dining while watching some cycling, as could be done at countless other Boise eateries! A beer garden in the center of the course provides lots of shade and libations. The race also captures the attention of unsuspecting race watchers that had no idea the race was taking place, but found themselves taken in by the close proximity of the racers and the gathering crowds.

For the racers, the event is like nothing else they will get to race all year. Local riders get to compete in front of friends and family on a grand scale, with friends of friends to share the experience. The sheer amount of spectators can will a rider to keep going when they might otherwise have given up. The event announcer seems to pay attention to all racers on the course, not just the gifted few in the front and with the course being so wide, most racers are allowed to continue racing if they have fallen back from the main group and are endangered of being lapped. In most criterium events the course is too narrow and any rider in danger of being lapped is ordered off the course for fear of a collision. For the uninitiated crit. racer, falling off the main group can happen quickly meaning that a racers event only lasts a lap or two then they’re done. Not being able to catch up with the faster rolling pack, a solo racer stands no chance of catching the group. Being such a big race attracts lots of racers. For the Boise Twilight Crit. category 4 racers, the field was over 40 riders! Most crit. races are 20 riders deep, so the quality of racing is elevated as well.

Bobs-Bicycles.com Team Developmental Team racers quickly began to see how big the event would be. With over 40 racers in the field and on the biggest stage, the local first year racers had their work cut out for them! With high hopes and a talented Team, bobs-bicycles.com took the win in the Cat. 4/5 Race!

Bobs-Bicycles.com Cat 4/5

Bobs-bicycles.com Jr. Racer Kyle Thorton at 15 years old had an outstanding race! Kyle competed against some talented 30 and 40 year old racers, held his own and even led a few laps. Kyle is very self motivated and has embraced racing tougher competition in order to be a better rider as he comes into his own, much easier said than done and Kyle has done it!

John Palumbo’s goal was to stay within striking distance for the finish-line sprint! John is a big strong powerful racer, if he can get to the finish without expending a lot of energy in the process, then no one can match his power! J.P. spent a lot of energy trying to keep Doug Cook fresh for the win whilst keeping himself in contention… J.P. is a “Teammate” through and through!

2013 Cat 4/5 Win
2013 Cat 4/5 Win

Doug Cook wins!!! It was a hot day at the Twilight for the 3pm Cat 4/5 race! A wrong move or any wasted energy could spell disaster for even the most talented racer. Doug Cook is a talented and smart competitor and will not back down in order to save a little energy early on. Doug raced out front or near the front for the entire 45 minutes of a fast paced race! The main group stayed mostly together without any big gaps or break-aways developing. On the last lap the pace quickly raised, coming into the last corner Doug found himself in back of a the leaders and began an all-out sprint to catch the leader before the finish line. Doug says he focused on the lead riders rear wheel and pulled him back, slipped into the draft for a split second as both racers sprinted to the finish, Doug powered past the leader just before crossing the finish line for the biggest win of the season! Doug had barely enough left to raise his hands in the air as teammates, friends and family all cheered the rather amazing win!

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