Bobs-Bicycles Devo Team Wins Hammer at the Slammer Series category 5 riders wrapped up the first race series of the 2013 season with a well deserved win! Team rider Doug Cook established himself as the rider to beat in a quickly evolving group of riders! Doug took the win in the first and second race of the series and finished a smart second place at the third race of the series after earning the sprint points and establishing himself as the points leader! He needed only to beat or finish 4 places back of one rider(second in overall points) and he smartly sat on that riders wheel coming into the finish, then out sprinted his opponent for a second place finish and the overall title!

Tactically speaking, the varying talents of all Category 5 riders played vital roles in the series title. Bob’s Cat 5 riders had a plan and stuck to it! Tim Backoff and Sean Barnes attacked and stretched the field out, allowing John Palumbo and Doug Cook to hang back and conserve energy until the attack was played out. Doug and John then attacked and moved to the front of the pack, splitting the field into one group of 7riders and a scattered string of riders behind! Working together, John put Doug in a great position for a sprint finish. Doug then played a perfect counter attack with the contending riders and out sprinted them for the win!

Doug’s winning of the first race left the door open to try different plan of attack for the second race. Shop owner, Vern Ward and Bob’s employee, Jon Rieb played the role of “rabbits” for the first stage of the race by setting a fast pace early! After several attempts to break our team riders away, the wind would not allow it! The fast pace however forced many riders off the back early with a main group of 16 riders keeping the pace high. John Palumbo’s duties as a sprinter and as a wind blocker for Doug Cook played a vital role. Tim Backoff also served as a blocker for Doug while putting himself in a position to sprint for a win also. The pace of the field was outstanding! The pace intensified and some contact between riders in the middle of the field during the final straight away, caused Sean to hit the ground and unable to contend for points. Doug Cook was able to outmatch all other sprinters again to take the win for Team Bob’s!

Doug Cook’s lead in the series overall, meant that the Team would be working for him, to get him as many points as possible. The weather played a huge role in this final race! John Palumbo and Sean Barnes worked in shifts early to keep the pace fast and stretch the field early, so as to provide Doug with less contention for the sprint points. The plan worked. With Tim Backoff riding in support, Doug was able to outmatch all other sprinters for the sprint win and vital 5 points. This meant Doug need only finish 4 places back of the second place rider to take the series overall. With Sean and John spent from their initial pace setting push and unable to catch the main group, Tim and Doug were left to themselves in the main group. Working to keep Doug out of the wind, Tim was able to ensure that the integrity of the team was in tact, despite having riders off the back of the main group! Together, Tim and Doug finished in the main pack with Doug covering his closest rivals sprint attack at the finish and secure the series win!

It was a great Team win! Having talented, varying skilled riders meant the rest of the field was at the mercy of Team Bob’s! All of the team riders reached well within themselves physically and mentally… learning a lot about their own abilities and how to race as a Team.

With lots of season left, Team Bob’s has set the stage for what is bound to be a great season! We look forward to the day when our Category 5 riders can join our two Category 4 riders and put all that we are learning in Cat5 to good use! Soon…

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