Hammer at the Slammer Race1 – Elite team perspective

Spring racing. Doesn’t seem to matter where you are, Spring racing is almost always uncomfortable. Be it the weather, maybe you’re fitness isn’t quite there yet, or a combination of the two. This first race of the Idaho racing season was no different from a weather perspective, that much we know.

It was cold, it was wet and it was windy.

Despite the adverse weather conditions and the overwhelming number of riders on the new team on the block, Elite Protocol, I was really proud of the Bobs-Bicycles Elite Team performance on Sunday. We had a plan, and all hands were on deck to help execute that plan, and it worked!  No, we didn’t walk away with a win, but we worked our behinds off to get our guy, Paul Warner, in the winning break, and we got him there.

Paul rode a great race from there, but was simply outnumbered by the Protocol guys in the end.

I walked away, as I think the rest of the Team did, satisfied with what we had accomplished and more than satisfied with the Team we have this year. We learned some things for sure and will make some tactical adjustments and come back out swinging this weekend.

Big Congratulations to Doug Cook and the rest of the Development Squad for bringing home the “W” in their race! Way to go fellas!


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