2017 Sagebrush Scramble Galleries

  • Photographer: Michele Swan
  • Editor: Fritz Stafford
  • Published: April 27, 2017

Note: This page includes 17 galleries, and it takes 10 seconds to load on my laptop via our home WiFi.

The 2017 Sagebrush Scramble took place on April 22, and the non-typical firm, moist course condition combined with 30mph SE wind favored Cyclo-Cross bikes, which took the overall Cat1 podium.


[unitegallery 2017_sagebrush_scramble_warmup]


[unitegallery 2017_sagebrush_scramble_cat3]

Cat1-2 1st Lap – Front Half of Field

[unitegallery 2017_sagebrush_scramble_lap1_front]

Cat1-2 1st Lap – Back Half of Field

[unitegallery 2017_sagebrush_scramble_lap1_back]

Cat1-2 2nd Lap – Back Half of Field

[unitegallery 2017_sagebrush_scramble_lap2_back]

Cat1-2 3rd Lap – Front Half of Field

[unitegallery 2017_sagebrush_scramble_lap3_front]

Cat1-2 3rd Lap – Back Half of Field

[unitegallery 2017_sagebrush_scramble_lap3_back]

Cat1-2 4th Lap – Front Half of Field

[unitegallery 2017_sagebrush_scramble_lap4_front]

Cat1-2 4th Lap – Back Half of Field

[unitegallery 2017_sagebrush_scramble_lap4_back]

Cat1-2 5th Lap – Front Half of Field

[unitegallery 2017_sagebrush_scramble_lap5_front]

Cat1-2 5th Lap – Back Half of Field

[unitegallery 2017_sagebrush_scramble_lap5_back]

Cat1-2 6th Lap – Front Half of Field

[unitegallery 2017_sagebrush_scramble_lap6_front]

Cat1-2 Two Laps Remain – Front Half of Field

[unitegallery 2017_sagebrush_scramble_2lap_remain_front]

Cat1-2 Two Laps Remain – Back Half of Field

[unitegallery 2017_sagebrush_scramble_2lap_remain_back]

Cat1-2 One Lap Remains – Front Half of Field

[unitegallery 2017_sagebrush_scramble_1lap_remain_front]

Cat1-2 One Lap Remains – Back Half of Field

[unitegallery 2017_sagebrush_scramble_1lap_remain_back]

Cat1-2 Finishing Lap

[unitegallery 2017_sagebrush_scramble_finish_lap]

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