Team Site Rationale

Why bother with this web site when there are already Team Facebook, Strava and WhatsApp modes of interaction available to communicate with teammates?

The Team web site serves as the repository for long term team content / identity. This content is organized into Pages, Posts and Galleries, and it is categorized and archived to make things easy to find. This is a complimentary function to the Team Facebook page, which enables interactive discussion of current events, but soon these discussions get pushed down the page and eventually become difficult / impossible to find as new discussions occur.

While Facebook and other social media sites make it easy to immediately upload event photographs, the quality of the photographs is reduced significantly (e.g., pixel down-scaling, cropping, bit depth reduction, re-compression at high lossee compression ratios). The quick availability of event photographs is great to assess what was captured, but it can be tedious to sort through hundreds of raw unedited photographs to find the “keepers”, and these are not as suitable as the full resolution original photographs for displaying and viewing high quality images.

This web site provides free copies of high quality “keepers” that have been distilled from massive amounts of crap.

Facebook and other social media sites are annoying, actually worse than annoying. These sites subsist on “click / tap” royalties from advertisements (e.g., including personalized advertisements based on cookies from recently browsed commercial sites, singles available in your community that happen to be your age, fake news) and selling your personal information (e.g., collected from your media site “profile”, collected from the media site profiles of your “friends”, correlated with the sites you visit and what you “click / tap” at those sites).

Photographers and artists have great concerns regarding other social media annoyances. In addition to the previously mentioned image quality degradation (purportedly, to reduce file sizes, improve page loading speed, reduce data usage, increase image download speed), there is the loss of Intellectual Property “exclusivity” rights (to enable the social media site to legally provide source image to law enforcement and / or federal authorities). Although social media sites have not widely abused their rights to sell, copyright, license and etcetera their user’s IP, there are many cases of individuals downloading IP from social media sites, claiming IP ownership derived from the social media site, and profiting from it, undercutting the artists’ ability to profit from their work.

This web site is refreshingly free of these annoyances.

Much of the Team site is viewable by the general public. However, login is required to Comment and view restricted content (e.g., teammate biography and team and club member discount page(s)). All Team team and club members are initially set-up as “Contributors”, and this role allows direct Comment entry. Note that Comment Moderation is disabled to allow immediate viewing of Comments, so please be cordial.

We hope Team team and club members will appreciate the opportunity to contribute Post and Photo content to team identity / legacy by clicking / tapping the below “Contact Editor” link. Content can range from a single photo to brief event results summary to more extensive event description / experience with multiple photos. Any team or club member request for role upgrade to “Author” will be granted to allow direct creation of Posts, as long as the Author actually creates Posts.

In addition to providing free copies of high quality photos in “annoyance-free” environment, as well as offering various (long term) content creation opportunities, the Team web site provides a variety of resources to enable all team and club members to meet their cycling goals.

Notes on photos submitted for site publication:
  • Action photos are preferred over podium and post-race group photos (exception allowed when Team teammate is donning race leader jersey);
  • Digital Single Lens Reflex camera with “Sports” mode has better chance of producing sharp action photos than Smart Phone or “point and shoot” digital camera;
  • Smart Phone photos are generally poor quality (i.e., soft), especially action photos;
    • There are fundamental physical reasons for this, but rather than dwell on explaining these, let us consider the cost comparison. Even the best Smart Phone camera system cost is ~$20 (i.e., lens, image sensor and image signal processor), and this is less than 1/100 the cost of a professional DSLR camera system.
    • I have had numerous experiences of people insisting their Smart Phone photos are great. The funny thing is that in most cases these people have never viewed these great Smart Phone photos on anything other than their Smart Phone.
    • In all cases that I have been able to obtain copies of these great photos directly from Smart Phone memory (i.e., rather than after further degradation upon uploading to social media site), these great photos have always appeared soft on 24″ High Definition LCD monitor.
  • While the Editor prefers sharp action photos, this is only one consideration. The primary consideration is a photo’s contribution to the overall “story”.
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