VeloWomen first race of 2013 Update

I’m pleased to share the results of our first road race, the Hammer at the Slammer #1, which took place Sunday, March 3rd. This is the first race in a three race series, which continues Sunday, March 10th and Sunday, March 17th. Complete results from race #1 are attached, but the highlights are below:

  • 3rd place finish – VeloWomen – Heather Youngwerth! Heather was also first to cross the “sprint line” * and was awarded an additional 5 points for her effort – putting her in 2nd place overall after the first race!
  • 3 Top Ten finishers (6th, 7th, 8th place) – VeloWomen – Sheila Barrett, Kelsey Speigel, and Tiedji Baker! Earned nice points for VeloWomen with their hard effort on a windy day.
  • Additional points finishers (11th, 12th, 14th, 15th place) – VeloWomen Lisa Kolesar, Kristin Muchow, Sadie Babits, and Erin Shelton added nicely to the team points total and signified a SOLID TEAM EFFORT!
  • And we’re not done yet! 18th, 21st, 22nd, and 27th place were all VeloWomen finishers –  Karen Doherty, Lindsay Genereux, Brooke Green, and Ann Lipp. Needless to say, we were the largest women’s team in attendance and it was a proud day to be a VeloWomen.

We had several new racers and are very proud of their courage to come out and their performance at the race.

Thank you to the additional VeloWomen who did not race but came out to support. Thank you Dan and Liam Barrett, and Kevin and Fiona Speigel for manning our wheel car on the road.

Please check out our facebook page for race day photos capturing the action –

What a great start to the season – stay tuned for results from the Hammer at the Slammer race #2 next week!

* Note: Sprint lines are sometimes found on the race course to spice up the race. The first to cross the line is awarded points, in addition to the points they receive for finishing well.

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